I am trying out retirement these days. While I’m no longer accepting clients, I’m not ready to shut down my website just yet.

Feel free to contact me for a referral if you’re looking for help with your small business government contracting needs.

So just how did I become a Government Contracts/DCAA Accountant?

I’ve been doing government contracts accounting for many years, and the CPA gig for even longer. I started out in public accounting, and worked primarily in tax, with a little audit. The experience provided a great background. I worked with many small companies helping with start-up, tax prep, IRS correspondence, IRS audits, payroll, financial statements, day-to-day accounting help and oversight. Just about anything a small business might encounter or need.

One of my early clients had just won a multimillion-dollar government contract. He came to us because DCAA was coming to audit his “Accounting System”, and all he had was his checkbook. We pulled something together quickly; I represented the client at the audit; The system was deemed acceptable! That was my first exposure to government contracts accounting. I went to work for this client when I left public accounting. I later moved to a bigger government contractor, but soon realized my passion was for the small entrepreneur, and thus my focus since going out on MY own.

When I first heard the term “boutique firm”. I thought it off-putting as I associated the term with designer items and high prices. However, when I looked it up I found “a boutique firm is a small firm offering specialized and personalized services”. Lo and behold, I’m a boutique firm!

Because I am specialized, I’ve developed many tools for government contractors. If you are brand new, we use them to hit the ground running; if you’re operational we use them to get your company in compliance.

As for personalized; you will always be working directly with me. There is never a rotation of staff who must get up to speed on your situation or needs. I pride myself on the fact that my clients tell me they never worry about anything that has been put in my hands.

And now…what about that logo? When I saw the initial draft with the arms in the air, I thought immediately “that’s me”! For one, it’s been a favorite pose through the years (see pics), and two, that’s how I see myself.…reaching out to support my clients with everything I have. I hope to have the opportunity to do the same for your company. Thanks for stopping by!

Here’s a link to my Train-the-Trainer video where I present to fellow CPAs my “Small Change Adds Up” program. I created this program a few years ago for use with any children’s group—libraries, schools, clubs, etc. This presentation helps children understand where money comes from, where it goes in a family budget, and how they can be involved.

Selecting Becky Bower to be our Government accounting expert and resource was one of my first assignments when I was hired in 2005, and Becky has proven herself to be one of our wisest choices. Her experience and expertise have been key to establishing and maintaining our full compliance with all governmental requirements. Simply put, we could not imagine our success without her.

Larry Nelson
Controller, Tech-X Corporation